There’s a million things I haven’t done。

3.20 Do Cycle Notes

Yesterday's cycles were relatively accurate, reaching 7.5 billion Fish, worth about $840, or about 6,000 yuan, with a profit margin of about 50%.
There wasn't a clear cycle today, with only a less than 5% fluctuation. Can't see any major trends, selling and buying doesn't cover the transaction fees.
I happen to have a dental appointment this afternoon, so I won't be watching the market. Just made a profit from buying.
I'll check again when I come back in the evening.


In the afternoon, there was a significant increase, and I took advantage of it. Then, when the downward trend was obvious, I made a short-term trade, and now it's at $1180.
First time in my life making a profit that doubled.
I started investing in 2021, and the first thing I got into was the cryptocurrency market. I bought shib in 2021, probably around 2000, and then bought more shib. At that time, the only way to get information was through search engines, and I wasn't very familiar with using a VPN. Yes, I bought shib.
At that time, shib had just been listed, and it skyrocketed and then crashed. Later, it increased a thousand times, and a thousand times of 2000 is about 2 million. With a 5% annual interest rate, that's 100,000 a year. I could return to my small town and achieve financial freedom.
What does it mean for a college student to earn 2 million? What is the experience of getting rich at a young age?

I don't know.
Later, I saw some posts on social media saying that there would be bigger waves after shib. Okay, there were indeed bigger waves. But at that time, I was focused on that market, and it could be considered as following the cycles. As I followed, I discovered the world of contracts.
Then I started making small profits, started watching the market, started staying up late. I remember one early morning, I finished drawing charts and went back to my dorm, slept for three hours, and woke up at ten in the morning, seeing a text message from Binance.

After a year of accumulation, I started entering the Chinese fund market! At the beginning of 2022, I started with healthcare! I didn't benefit from the pandemic, damn it, it crashed and I lost 3000. I invested in new energy, technology, whatever I invested in, it would drop. It's not my fault, it's the historical process of the Chinese fund market dropping from 3400 points to 3000 points.

Alright, one year of accumulation. Room temperature superconductivity, go for it! Failed! Minus 500.

Then I returned to the cryptocurrency market, encountered contracts again, continued making small profits, then got liquidated, minus 3000.

Later one night, I figured out some things. Contracts shouldn't be touched, funds can't make money, the only things that can make money are digital currencies and US stocks. You need to have a wealth management mindset, not a gambling mentality.

Then, following the slogan of the bull market and the encouragement of cryptocurrency influencers, I started investing in Dogecoin. I bought it a few times following the advice of a certain influencer, entered late, but made small profits. Later, I came across Fish, feeling that it had potential, so I kept buying it. Unfortunately, when I noticed it, I had missed its sevenfold increase. But its market value was still only in the millions, and I couldn't understand why some coins were so valuable, worth tens of millions or even billions.

Then I went through several cycles and successfully doubled my investment. The most crucial point in doing cycles is that you have to look at the long-term growth of the coin, because even if you can escape the drop and catch the rise, if it keeps dropping, you won't catch the rise and might not even escape the drop.

I guess I have found my own trading rhythm, although I'm not getting rich as fast as the influencers, I'm steady. And doubling my investment in four days is pretty fast.
Take it slow, but these can only be side jobs until I earn my first million. Overall, my journey as a trader has finally set sail. I'll continue writing code, writing code is my passion! Write until the world is filled with love!

I came up with a trading pattern that is similar to the native currency, but I don't know how to execute it. Every time, I rely on my subjective consciousness and feelings to deviate from the trading pattern. It's clumsy, don't do that!

I do have intuition, I can roughly sense when it's going up or down, but this intuition is actually very unreliable! Don't rely on intuition, because intuition is less stable than a trading pattern.

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