There’s a million things I haven’t done。

4.3 Lost five hundred dollars


Don't deceive yourself, if a coin doesn't have a market, don't go all in.

You really need to learn about compartmentalization, not compartmentalizing will really result in a lot of losses.

Customization and Positioning of Strategies#

Here's the thing, currently there are two coins, CCC and Fish.

The problem with CCC is very obvious, it lacks delivery capability. Purely a Ponzi scheme.

The problem with Fish is also very obvious, its market has not yet started. It's not the time to harvest, it's the time to accumulate.


When Fish is accumulating, going all in and enduring the drop, isn't that foolish?

Let's quickly review the four operations of the market makers,
Bear market, wash plate, accumulate.
Bull market, push up, cash out.

I am the market maker, OK, I don't have the strength to wash plate and push up, only the operations of accumulating and cashing out.

The good news for CCC is on the 16th, but once the 16th passes, it's basically a race to see who runs faster.


The good news for Fish is between April 5th and 8th.


Now let's start pushing Ton, leverage up and go for Ton.

CCC doesn't have a market yet. Wait a bit. Shen's Ponzi scheme smell is too strong.

Previous issue with WGC.

Lost another $100. Invested in a new coin. Turns out not all new coins skyrocket, some plummet.#

Leverage can be opened based on positioning.


Feeling a bit bearish these days, bear markets are the time to test people, holding onto wealth is winning.
I need to cash out some profits.
Get some money out, buy something.
What to buy?

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