There’s a million things I haven’t done。

4.4 Rethinking Brother Zheng

Fish has been falling all the time, and this coin is like a struggling warrior, feeling sad and depressed.

Something is not right with me these days, my judgment has greatly declined, I am not as sharp as before, and I am always afraid of losses.
One obvious thing is that there is a deviation between my perception and my actions.

In my perception, Fish will definitely rise, so I am optimistic about it, and I believe it has a bottom support level.
So whenever it falls, I always think it won't fall anymore in the next second. This is a very wishful thinking behavior, and it is also very tiring.

I was still fooled by the project team, or maybe I was PUAed by the project group. Being a diamond hand is not as easy as it seems, because 99.9% of diamond hands are idiots and fools.
Most projects in the cryptocurrency circle end up going to zero. So don't be a diamond hand.

And one very important point, preserving capital is definitely better than falling into empty positions.

The reason why I was able to make money before was because I sold decisively.

Nowadays, people on Fish are very irritable because they are experiencing a sideways market in a bear market.
In a sideways market in a bear market, there is no external capital coming in, and once it falls, it is easy to continue falling in a chain reaction.

So this is normal.

And I guess there might be whales or small whales. Because there are currently very few people trading it, so I guess there might be small whales to wash the market.

Fish is where I made my fortune, and I still believe it can break through. You could say I was PUAed by the project group, but I think it has value.

Let's wait until Friday.

Today, many people on Twitter received airdrops.
On February 27th, when I first entered the cryptocurrency circle, I wrote about:
At that time, I saw the four professions mentioned by Zheng Ge, researcher, scientist, trader, 0.5-level investor, these career directions.
But at that time, I didn't understand airdrops, trading bots, on-chain, and how they actually made money.
Now I understand. Let me talk about the scientists, traders, and semi-level investors that I have observed recently.

How do scientists make money?#

Let me give two examples.

  1. Making money through on-chain information
    Everything on the blockchain is observable, and you can obtain anyone's movements through the blockchain.
    Making money is based on analyzing on-chain movements to gain informational advantages and make money.
    @deawonii, an on-chain scientist

On a more basic level, using gas fees to obtain on-chain information and then judge market trends.

  1. Developing useful trading bots
    Why do independent developers in the cryptocurrency circle develop trading bots? Look at exchanges like Binance, Huobi, they have many features such as one-click liquidation, stop-loss, limit orders, and more. With trading bots, first, you can use trading patterns to create DIY tools, and second, you can use limit orders for automated trading.
    This way, there won't be situations where you have to constantly monitor the market for buying and selling.
    Moreover, when you develop something useful, you can distribute it to others for use. Then you can make a lot of money.
    Equivalent to being an independent developer in the cryptocurrency circle.

How do traders make money?#

  1. Making money through short-term trading
    To be precise, I don't think any trader would say they are trading every day. It's more about monitoring the market, buying low and selling high, understanding the intentions of market makers, whether they are accumulating, washing the market, selling, or pushing up.
    A low-frequency trader definitely cannot make as much money as a precise trader who trades in short-term waves, because high-frequency trading in the cryptocurrency circle does not have limits.
    In the secondary market, a lot of money made is often luck, market sense, keen observation of funds, adherence to objective rules, risk assessment, probability prediction, control of information, all of which are very useful.

How do semi-level investors make money?#

  1. Scalping
    Damn it, when I commented on scalping before, doing it alone is a bit laborious, and it is essentially a physical industry, and it is easy to be hacked.
    It's really ridiculous. First, it exposed that I underestimated the profit of scalping. Scalping can reach A7, what concept is A7? A7 can reach one million.
    Second, I anticipated scalping too early, it has not reached the stage of industrialization yet, just like many scalping studios have not started yet, they won't eat up all the profits of scalping at once, like the Alipay "Collect Five Blessings" red envelope.
    Third, it is one of the few industries in the cryptocurrency circle that can generate stable income, and the threshold is relatively low. With investments, you may lose money, and with scalping, you may also lose money, but the amount you lose in scalping is visible, while the amount you invest has no lower limit.

So the current strategy is to focus on the scalping and scientist routes. The trader route is to find long-term value-added projects.

I am still in the stage of broad exploration, which means I haven't reached the stage of forming my own system.

I have always been from a computer background, and I think automated scalping is a development direction, and automated trading is also a development direction. Computers and artificial intelligence are essentially about replacing humans.

Find some scalping information and give it a try. Then when I make $3000 again, I can consider joining Jiao Jiao's paid scalping group, if I can't find a good alternative, hers is really expensive.

After thinking about it, I won't do scalping anymore, it's not interesting. It's better to do TikTok account operation! This also has stable growth and the potential for exponential growth.

There are many ways to make money in the world, I don't plan to go all-in on Web3, I plan to be an independent developer.
For now, I will only do trading in Web3, and learn technology well.
When I really need money later, I can study on-chain and then switch to being a scientist.

Scalping is addition, and I can write code as a scientist, which is equivalent to multiplication. And I am not optimistic about scalping, if the encryption industry runs out of money, scalping will be the first to collapse, and it will eventually move towards standardization, industrialization, and specialization.

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