There’s a million things I haven’t done。

2.24 Fearlessly explore the unknown with friends

Went out for lunch with old friends, leaving hometown tomorrow. Played a game after a long time, the hotpot restaurant owner got off work and bid farewell.

Cold wind hung in the air, snow on the road had melted into icy water. We sat in the warm car, stepped on the gas pedal, heading towards the snowy wild lake thirty kilometers away.

It was the first time I drove that far after getting the car, surrounded by big trucks. I calmly missed a few turns, friends hurriedly directed and finally drove to the gas station to refuel.

It was the end of winter and the beginning of spring when I was 22 years old, freezing outside. I had a car with heating and full tank of gas, friends I grew up with, and time to spend the afternoon adventuring. We explored everywhere, feeling incredibly free, could climb the deserted villa on the mountain, or be watched by the security guard in front of the unfinished building. We had no destination, everything in this land attracted our curiosity, just a thought could turn the steering wheel to see what was there.

Until my parents called asking when I would return, I suddenly woke up from freedom, still thirty kilometers away from home, and dusk was falling. I said goodbye to them one by one along the way, waving hands as usual, promising to meet again in summer.

Grandpa closed the door and went upstairs to sleep, dad played with his phone in the living room. Mom complained about me coming back late, I smiled and ate the dumplings she made for me, then secretly cut a piece of the stewed beef made for the New Year in the kitchen.

It's 2024, I'm 22 and a junior in college, no longer carefree as before. Thoughts about the future, ideals, choices, all knocking in my mind, but I still have my family and friends who love me, a car to explore, someone I miss, things I urgently want to do, and tomorrow I can touch with my eyes closed. Every age has its own worries and happiness, if life is a few moments, I want to engrave that relaxed feeling of freedom on the first page of the life album.

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