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Coin Trading Day

Insight is a very important thing, and how to record insight is also important.
For me, trading coins is something that enhances my experience in the secondary market. Of course, I can't study the rules of the secondary market every day because it is mostly chaotic. The only thing that can be improved is probability.

Some of the insights here are original, and some are copied. The criterion is whether it can be used and whether it is useful.

Experience in the Secondary Market#

1. The purchased currency should have a previous bottom. Currently, there are no currencies that have followed the market to create new lows with good fundamentals. You cannot simply buy more as it falls. Divide the bottom-fishing funds into five to six portions and enter in a staggered manner. Avoid going all in at once.#
2. Double bottom, triple bottom, head and shoulders bottom, arc bottom, etc. Based on the possible forms that may evolve, once the form is completed and breaks through upwards, it is necessary to add positions promptly.#
3. After a large bullish candle, if three or more small bullish candles or doji candles appear, there is a very high probability of an upward trend in the future. You can buy immediately.#
4. During a rebound, if there is a trend of retracement with decreasing volume, and at the same time, MA5, MA10, and MA20 converge to form a golden cross, indicating a sign of another upward movement, then it is the best opportunity to establish a position.#
5. Rules for trading coins:#

First, for currencies with complex situations that you cannot clearly understand, do not enter rashly. Pick the soft persimmons, trading coins is the same.

Second, do not invest all your money in a single currency at once, even if you are very bullish on it and it proves to be correct afterwards. Because things often change in an instant, and no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

Third, if you mistakenly buy a currency in a downtrend, you must sell it quickly to avoid expanding losses.

Fourth, if the currency you bought has not yet incurred losses but has entered a downtrend, you should also quickly exit and observe.

Fifth, currencies that are not in an uptrend are recommended to be less focused on. No matter what the future holds, do not follow the main players to establish positions. Retail investors do not have the time to waste with them.

Sixth, do not fantasize that you can make money by frequently doing short-term trades, entering and exiting every day. Frequent trading may give you pleasure, but it will also cause you to lose a lot of money. The only beneficiary is the exchange, and you do not have the same level of expertise, nor are you a market maker. Do not buy too many currencies, it is best not to exceed 10. You do not have the energy to keep an eye on all of them. It's like if you want to marry five wives, even if you are physically capable, you cannot satisfy all of them. The story of Wei Xiaobao only happens in novels.

Seventh, the fact that a currency is cheap or has fallen a lot is not a reason for you to buy it, and it may become even cheaper.

Eighth, the fact that a currency is expensive or has already risen a lot is not a reason for you to refuse to buy or sell it. It may rise even higher.


  1. Do not easily abandon bullish coins. Choose bullish coins, take half of the road, and also invest in hot and strong currencies. Investment and speculation are both suitable, take the whole path.

  2. The most important thing for a trader is the ability to adapt during trading.

  3. Qualitative analysis must be done well. Qualitative analysis on a large time frame, selecting coins on a weekly chart, identifying on a monthly chart, and tracking on a daily chart.

  4. The method must be based on Bollinger Bands or the moving averages that you consider feasible to analyze the market.

  5. Skills cannot be taught, it all depends on technical expertise. Repeating successful experiences, making earning money a habit, constant gains are more important than big gains.

  6. It is a mistake to assume that having positive news means it will rise, because positive news does not equal a signal to rise. Especially news with no information content like "You will know how awesome I am in seven days" should not be blindly followed. Positive news, especially pre-announced positive news, cannot represent the future price trend for the next few days.

  7. The most important condition for judging whether a coin can be bought is whether it is in a downtrend, on the daily chart, weekly chart, 15-minute chart, or 4-hour chart. When it is in a downtrend, do not easily buy, because the cycles generally have continuity.

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