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3.18 Can the spot cycle be played?

Last night, Fish successfully broke through the pressure and reached the zero moment, although it is currently in a sharp decline. But I don't plan to do short-term trading because it hasn't gone through sideways oscillation, so I can't really figure out where its bottom is.


The current trading volume is too low, a few hundred or a few thousand dollars can cause significant fluctuations.


From a time perspective, these fluctuations are temporary. I regret a bit because if I played the cycle, I would have already made a profit of 20%.

Do I risk missing the bus if I play the cycle?
Upon careful consideration, I probably won't.

  1. I entered the market at 0.0_7 8, and now it's at 0.0_6 16, basically doubled.
  2. If I sell and it sharply rises after a drop, I'll buy back unless it rises thousands of times at once, in which case I can still catch it within 30 seconds.
  3. The overall trend remains unchanged. Buying the next candlestick chart is likely to be a buy, and selling the next candlestick chart is likely to be a sell.
  4. If I sell after the first drop and recover during the first rise, I probably won't miss out on a big increase. Because few people go against the trend, using contracts and margin is more useful than pulling the plate.


I could have taken advantage of a 16% increase, but I missed it.

So overall, if you are watching the market closely and see a clear trend, I think playing the cycle can have a relatively high success rate and can be operated. The operation is to sell in a downtrend until the first rise (if you believe in the coin for the long term and are afraid of missing out).
But if you are watching the market just for the cycle, well... it's probably not necessary.
After all, before you have capital, you should focus on earning capital. The feeling of making a profit with a thousand capital is different from that with ten thousand.

Ah! Missing out on that 16%, it's a lesson learned!

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