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3.18 Spot Cycle Combat

Sometimes you need to have a concept of cycles. You see the downtrend so obvious and still want to hold on, thinking it will definitely bounce back. It's really silly to do so.
So what should you do? Follow the signals, sell on the downtrend, buy back on the uptrend.
Why sell? Because the downtrend has appeared, it is likely to continue to fall, holding on is not beneficial, it's better to sell first and then buy back at the bottom.
Why buy? Because it's value investing, optimistic in the long term, not buying may miss out on a big breakthrough.
How to judge if your operation is correct?
I previously held 5.3 billion Fish, now I hold 5.8 billion Fish, the total capital remains the same, but my coin holding will increase. If I am optimistic in the long term, it will indeed return to that price, so it won't fall too much. But I must be clear! If I haven't gotten on the train, I must not get off, because if it skyrockets without me, my rhythm may be disrupted. If I get on and get off, it's okay, get off when necessary, no loss no gain!
Keep it up!

Then, went out for a meal, took a walk, dropped by 20%, missed the cycle QAQ.

Rise and everyone is happy, fall and follow the cycle, grasp the rhythm well, can profit from both rise and fall, as long as you believe it will rise in the long term.

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