There’s a million things I haven’t done。

3.19 Do cycles, how to do cycles, hope not to incur fuel costs again

The efficiency of learning regular expressions for a day is too low.
Because I was learning regular expressions while doing cycles.
After two days of cycles, I went from 5 billion Fish coins to 7 billion Fish coins.
But today, I made a clumsy mistake and converted Ton to Fish without fuel.
It's difficult, and I made the same mistake twice, then added 200 yuan.

Overall, the income is satisfactory. The assets increased from 5 billion Fish to 7.1 billion Fish, which means the assets actually inflated by 2/5, rather than fluctuating inflation.

It's worth considering that I didn't sell at the peak this morning because I was sleeping, and the significant rise fell back, which means it didn't rise. Every time there is a pull-up at night and a drop during the day. Chinese people buy at night and sell in the morning, making enough money from foreigners. You don't have to worry about anything all day.

Making money depends on the rise, and increasing chips depends on the fall. I think Fish is a valuable coin, and it can recover from a fall, so the fall increases the chips. Although the coin next door accidentally burned the pool and doubled, it's a bit too risky, purely short-term speculation. Fish is like a game of passing the parcel, but you won't drop it because it's the flagship of the Ton chain with a low market value, and the project team is reliable. That coin is too risky, the project team is unreliable, and if you give them money again because of your mistake, you're a fool.



But there is actually a problem, sometimes it doesn't give a clear signal.
For example, the signal of rising, maybe two or three blocks in a row are rising;
For the signal of falling, it's two or three blocks in a row falling;
Its signal is more accurately described as alternating red and green, one red, one green, one red, one green, what should you do at this time?
First, trust your intuition. When technology cannot judge, the signal your intuition gives you is probably correct. Because this is your subconscious judgment as an intelligent being.
Secondly, look at the overall trend. If you have the previous curve chart, you can look at the big curve, and you can see many patterns.
In most cases, neither of the first two situations occur, so be patient and do not trade! Because trading too frequently may disrupt the rhythm, just like doing math problems~ wait for the signal before trading.

There is another issue, I only did small cycles, not large cycles. A large cycle is a 30% increase, doing a 30% cycle, while I only did about a 5% cycle, partly because there are no limit orders, and also because it rises at night.

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