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3.22 Value and Air

Yesterday, my sense of the market was very poor, and my investment perspective was very confused.

  1. Many times, "Wow, I clearly knew that the overall trend was downward, why did I still enter during the oscillation."
  2. Actually, the operations before the evening were still okay, but the operations later in the evening were too clumsy. It's actually not bad, after summarizing, even if you don't summarize, it's fine. Basically, it's about doing grid trading, short-term trading, and scalping. But scalping won't make you rich, you can only make small profits, not get rich. I scalp to increase my investment capital, and if Fish surges, then every additional point is magnified proportionally. So essentially, it's about scalping + Fish.
  3. People should have a spirit of self-criticism, although I didn't criticize myself even when my contract was liquidated. But the market is a timely feedback mechanism, criticizing yourself too much can easily disrupt your rhythm and make you feel constrained.
  4. Small losses are not losses, broaden your perspective a bit, sometimes trading definitely involves risks, people can't predict the future, can't make a 100% profit, as long as you follow the trading pattern, there shouldn't be a problem. Trading frequently, looking like a clown in hindsight, but it's about risk management. Hindsight is 20/20, seeking stability is good. Straighten things out for yourself.

Value coins are based on value coins, and stablecoins are based on stablecoins. Whether to hold or sell during consolidation depends on the overall market position, the market's major trend curve, everything else is fine. If you are watching the market, follow your trading strategy during consolidation, buying low and selling high, the number of trades doesn't matter, failures also increase your risk management ability. Small losses are not losses.

Today was fine, no major mistakes, basically caught all the opportunities.
272 FTM now. Found something.


In the latter half of today, just now, I witnessed firsthand the difficulty Fish faced in climbing.
To put it simply, in just five minutes, there was neither a buy nor a sell. At one point, I even felt like my internet was lagging or disconnected.
I felt very frustrated, everyone was eager for it to rise again, but no one had the money.
Then, after waiting through four cycles with almost no trading activity, it inevitably crashed.

But it also clarifies one thing.
Currently, everyone's money has reached its peak, any further increase would be like trying to make bricks without straw.

After some thought, I took out 72 FTM to gamble on sGoat, around $300. wuzhe has been promoting it on Twitter, making me itchy to join.

This is its curve, it has only been online for 3 days. Its curve gives off a feeling of being manipulated by large funds, every time it's about to collapse, they inject some capital.
When it drops significantly, it might be a good time to buy some! Even a 50% loss is acceptable.
Find the right entry point!

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