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3.23 Return on Investment & Thoughts on Web3

Started investing since freshman year, the combination of the cryptocurrency circle and funds has accumulated losses of over 6000, finally earned it back today.


Relying on trading, finally reached from 4000 to 10000. The cryptocurrency circle is a very mystical place, where money seems not like money, 6000 yuan is already the monthly salary of most counties in China. Of course, the salary is stable, but stability means sacrificing possibilities. The possibility in the cryptocurrency circle ranges from one thousand yuan to one million, while the possibility in salary only goes from one thousand to three thousand.

Fundamentally, the cryptocurrency circle is a place of concentrated resources. And concentration of resources means era dividends. Why did ChatGPT come out and everyone went all-in on AI? Because AI can make money easily, really working hard? Playing hard? Don't talk nonsense. When everyone goes all-in on AI, the value of AI will rise. Can anyone really compete with ChatGPT? Some people can try, some people's goal is not even competition.

Where is the value of digital currency? It lies in "its essence is an extension of the capital market". In the past, capital was controlled because capital could be manipulated by military force. But not now. The essence of Web3 decentralization is to present a purely consensus-based internet to people.

It's tough, just saw Ton coin break through 5 dollars, then there was a downward trend, so quickly exchanged Fish for Ton, feeling that Ton is also going to fall. The slippage of USDT transactions on the Ton chain is too high, so I'm ready to withdraw to Ouyi. Time is money, and when withdrawing to Ouyi, I forgot to fill in the remarks, and now applying for a refund on Ouyi. Follow the process.

Fish indeed plummeted.

Because Ton also fell, originally wanted to escape the decline of Ton, but got stuck, can't escape from either.


However, Ouyi is really good, there is still a channel to apply for a refund, so great. Hopefully, the refund process goes smoothly.


Should have exchanged for USDT earlier, now the assets are around 280 Ton. It should have been around 1400 dollars just now, not sure how much it has dropped to now.


Looks like I have to wait for a while. It's fine, I can write code for the next two days. Hopefully, Ton won't take a big dive these two days, can't catch the Fish dip anymore!

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