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3.25 Suno Self-Media Initial Exploration Review

These past few days, I stayed up a bit and made a video. After uploading it, there hasn't been much viewership, so I feel like it won't be too high. Because if it were me, I wouldn't watch this.

This time, my journey in self-media started quite messy, without much planning, I just started doing it.

Let me analyze the issues explored this time:

  1. Didn't quickly benefit from Suno. To ensure video quality, I added AI drawing page demos, delaying a lot of time and cost.
  2. Chose a niche and serious topic, very few people nowadays read ancient texts, and generally these people have conservative views. Not suitable for AI, nor valuable.
  3. AGI is far from coming, the level of AI-generated images is not yet at content creation level.
  4. Didn't find a use case for the songs.

Based on these issues, let's look for the next strategy:

  1. Present things that could originally be described in text through songs.
    -> Engage in ToC business, focus on traffic.
    <- Need the ability to integrate and summarize information, use ChatGPT;
    <- Need the same level of image content quality, essentially an upgrade from the original video;

  2. Focus on honing the quality of songs.
    -> Engage in ToB business.
    <- Need creativity to create explosive hits;
    <- Need ideas to ride the trend;
    <- Focus on lyrics;

If I don't want to edit videos and just want to go all out! It's about using audio to generate videos.

I still choose the latter, focusing on refining and creating lyrics, rather than becoming a marketing account.
Marketing accounts compete on a mechanical level, I really don't want to compete with others, and I can't compete.
I'll stick to the creative path.

To be honest, with the AI drawing I did this time, I could easily make a few more videos.

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