There’s a million things I haven’t done。

3.26 Finally received the money && bought $CCC

Ton has finally been transferred by Ouyi.


Unexpectedly, during these two days when I was away, Ton has surged from 5.0 to 5.576.
Snacks had a 10% increase and then dropped today.
But I also have 1500U assets, which is over 10,000 yuan. Let me see the price changes of various currencies during my absence and then make a move.
Conduct a small survey, currently interested in several directions.

  1. Ton chain
  2. cutepandaweb3 recommendation
  3. wuzhe recommendation
  4. Ripe recommendation

Let's get started.
First, share a few bloggers on Twitter who can make money, @cutepandaweb3, @wuzhe, @Ripe.

1. Ton chain analysis#


I can exchange Fish for 12 billion, and I escaped the peak in the past two days.


During these two days, Fish has been at a relatively low price and has been falling without much increase. I think it's actually a good time to get in. But the problem with Fish is that you can't figure out the bottom. It feels like around 1170 is a somewhat decent bottom. But overall, my success rate in trading Fish in waves is pretty good, and the trend is very obvious, without big capital manipulation. The success rate of trading in waves is quite optimistic. Worth considering.


2. wuzhe recommendation#


Unexpectedly, it surged and then halved in two days. No wonder wuzhe didn't say much. I feel like it's a good time to get in, like a window of opportunity.
But this coin is the first one I eliminated because I can't grasp the opportunity. Really, its candlestick chart is too fierce, fucking crazy. It's completely manipulated by big players, and big players can't run in waves. If he runs before me, I'll become a fool, I don't even know what's suitable for him to run.
And it has no value support, I think it's understandable to go to zero. It's not in the initial stage either.


Alright, twtr has also dropped. Everyone is waiting for me to enter the market, huh?
Damn, this candlestick chart, I feel like wuzhe is just a pure fool. But actually, this coin feels quite interesting. The recommendation is good, and it's also quite cute.
But with 10,000 yuan, I can make one for you. With a market value of one million, I don't think it will catch on. Meme coins are products, while marketing is where the money is spent. Fish has 170,000 followers on Twitter, while it's only 10,000 for twtr. It's better to go for Fish than twtr.

3. cutepandaweb3 recommendation#

Pre-sale rush#

  1. TON CAT fundraising 470,000 TON
  2. TON PET fundraising 940,000 TON

I can't withdraw my Ton from Ouyi. Can't rush it either.

base chain#

Ton chain#

I can't withdraw my Ton from Ouyi. Can't rush it either.

CCC coin#

Went to fix the car in the afternoon, read the whitepaper of CCC, and bought $CCC at 0.24, and then???


What can I say? It feels a bit??? What is this???
Don't know if it's Rug or Pump, but it feels interesting, like getting rich.

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