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3.28 Tonight $CCC Live

I went to the mine today.
I feel like writing a disaster collective style similar to Eva, and I can draw material from the coal mine.
Change clothes, take the mining lamp, and wait in the hall.
If China wants to explore a mysterious place like this fantasy theme, China's construction system should also learn from the coal mine system.
Instead of the Western freedom team and adventurer system. I want to create an adventure story with an Eastern flavor.
Sometimes personal experience is completely different from theoretical discussions. Thank you, coal.




Took a look at Fish's K-line, it's a bit difficult.
It's simply a double defeat.
My Ton was sold on the peak,
I feel that when the project team releases a new coin, especially a coin like TEPT that is highly subscribed, it is very likely to fail. Once it fails, everyone will sell, and the price on the Ton chain will definitely drop. Because Ton will lose its liquidity, so when Europe does not allow the withdrawal of Ton, I should understand. It is difficult for retail investors to enter the Ton chain, which increases the threshold for entry.
Only out, not in, it will definitely plummet.
Let's review, but I am no longer in the Ton game.
Now let's take a look at $CCC.
This $CCC is quite strange and is likely to be a scam. Let's see who runs faster at 10:30 tonight.
Let me explain why I think it's a scam.

  1. Locking up, releasing news of halving, but creating an opportunity for new users to buy chips, and it is an opportunity to buy chips at a low price.


Oh, I didn't calculate the math problem correctly.
Can my IQ really trade coins?
Then I will definitely make a profit without losing.
If everyone bought in at 0.25, then the halving would be in vain, and everyone would just make a little profit and leave. That behavior is a bit puzzling.
Now that the price has risen, it's normal.
But tonight, the black swan will come and according to the community vote, there will be no halving.
Then it won't hold up.

Waiting for the live broadcast at 10:30 tonight.
There is a high probability of doubling.

Oops, I picked up an airdrop while eating.
Got $500, turned it into $3500. Then the Ton liquidity will increase, and I will invest in Fish, and then Fish will start to rise, crazy.


Let's continue to look at the airdrop of the Ton chain. I don't plan to cash out these 500 Tons because the liquidity has increased.

Waiting for the live broadcast of $CCC.
It's quite interesting. The narrative no longer disgusts people with the "people" narrative.
He has a very good context, a decentralized centralized financial narrative.
He is also good, he is a person who started a business, and this is a statement with a business plan.
The key point is the application landing. That is, how does $CCC achieve credit?
He asked two questions:

  1. Holding $CCC means holding credit?
  2. Will the $CCC voted return?
    Actually, I still want to ask questions about the English community and the Chinese community.
    How did Shen Tong answer? It's okay, but I still want to further question. Because he didn't convince me.
    But I roughly understood from the question asked by the lady later.

It's like the Dark Forest, if an address in the Dark Forest is exposed.
Then it will be marked.

I'm starting to feel optimistic now, I think it can achieve the related value.

Last night, I wanted to have fun, (。・∀・)ノ゙ but then I became calm again.
I still have to sell.

  1. No English community
  2. Didn't see the technology
  3. The things built are too big, the granularity is too fine, it's not easy to do, and problems will arise.

The cryptocurrency circle is all about deception. The only one who tells the truth is Zheng Ge.
Because he doesn't make money from you.

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