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3.30 Find Your Own Path

Today Xiaocang fell more than 44 dollars.

Following the KOL to invest in this coin, then after investing, it fell, cut losses, and then with idle money, couldn't find a good project and invested again. This time, the investment was in spot Martin Luther, kept falling, added positions, still falling. In the short term, no signs of rebound, so sold.
This event exposed two problems for me.

  1. Buying coins without research. To be honest, in the past, there were many cases of buying coins without research, because KOL shouts at the peak, shouting at the peak means buying at the peak, waiting for it to fall, and then cutting losses. Many times, the computer environment and the mobile environment are completely different. The computer environment can easily go online, translate, and then make more rational considerations. Researching on a mobile phone is very troublesome.
    So, if you want to buy new coins, research on the computer before buying.

  2. Xiaocang went all in. Why did I buy coins? Because the coins were in my hands, idle. Wanted to invest in something profitable. OK, found a coin to invest in, no money left, nothing to do. The moment there is nothing to do, you have to start paying attention to this coin, see what's going on with this coin. How can you possibly hold it for the long term?

Not watching the market, you won't make stable profits, you will definitely lose. This is very natural.

Zhengge has released a new strategy again, after finishing other things, continue learning.

Tonight $CCC will be unlocked, it should rise, because the price hasn't reached 0.35 due to the lock-up, but the flash purchase price is already 0.35, those who can add positions will definitely do so.

Ripe talks about daily charts, large-scale cycles, this is also possible, but the premise is good position management. But I don't plan to do this, because my investment strategy is active investment, not passive investment, dividing a sum of money into many different types, and waiting for it to rise or fall, I can't do that.

  1. I don't have the energy to research so many projects.
  2. I can't watch so many markets.
  3. There are ups and downs, having multiple positions will be cumbersome, not so flexible. Even if it's flexible, you have to cut losses.

Now thinking back, Zhengge's 73 positions are very good, able to capture most of the gains, while also providing protection. Depending on the situation of $CCC tonight, then I will reconsider the position allocation.

Hope Shen Ge can understand coin value management, understand market manipulation, preferably manipulating the market to overbought conditions.

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  2. Trend buying

  3. Smart money buying

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