There’s a million things I haven’t done。

3.31 Select Coin

There are too many coins to choose from now, wait for the dust to settle on $CCC before investing. The main position is now in $CCC.
Just invested the $500 airdrop back into $CCC. Invested at a high position.
Well, that $500 airdrop just keeps losing.
I'm really not suitable for dual-line operations, I'm only suitable for single-line. Dual-line feels too easy to lose.

There are too many coins to choose from later.

  1. Fish on the Ton chain
  2. Shiba Inu on the Base chain
  3. Observing traders on the Observation chain

Let's wait for the dust to settle on $CCC before deciding.
I have already gained nearly $300 from CCC, and then I will see what happens after the liquidity pool is unlocked in the phone meeting.
Let's see if you will operate. I estimate that there will be selling pressure when the liquidity pool is unlocked, because many people have already made almost ten times their investment.
At this time, Shen's choice to wash the market may cause overselling, choosing to push the market may exhaust his ammunition.
Let's see what level he's at, he shouldn't fall below 0.35.
Watch the operation.

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