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4.1 Ton Chain Research

Ton Chain is currently doing well, providing funds and resources. The liquidity crisis in Europe has also been resolved, so the project should be more dynamic.
Why choose Ton?
The Ton Chain Foundation has a lot of funding in April, so there will be many new project teams entering. Currently, there are not many active programs on the entire Ton Chain. The 24-hour trading volume is only nine million, while the base is nine billion and Sol is twenty billion. Its trading volume is really low, and everyone's attention is not focused on it. The reason for choosing Ton is because its funding is relatively stable. It won't fluctuate too much like speculative funds, so there won't be too much loss in the initial stage.
Moreover, Ton has a centralized foundation, and the level of the foundation is good.
The foundation's season is basically the project team's season. If the project team's performance is good, they can receive rewards from the foundation.

Emmmm.....Fish has a problem now, no one is buying or selling it. Its trading frequency is too slow. It seems like everyone has forgotten about it.




I feel like TPET is also strange, it keeps multiplying by a hundred.
Oh, I think I understand now, its liquidity pool is too small. It's basically locked up.

Ton Airdrop Projects#

1/ @tonstakers

Equivalent to Lido on Ethereum, it only has two functions: staking $TON and unstaking. Staking TON will receive $tsTON, and tsTON will always increase relative to TON, not a 1:1 exchange.


One of the leading DEXs on Ton, personally I feel that stonfi is more active than the other DeDust. They often have trading airdrops and liquidity staking incentives. Currently, they are the only ones doing DC community (projects on Ton only use Telegram, it's a convention). At the same time, their product is more mature. Recently, their platform token $STON has been performing well, attracting a large amount of liquidity and trading.


A DEX that often competes with stonfi for the top position on the Ton Chain DEX leaderboard. The experience is similar to stonfi, and it covers almost all trading pairs on the Ton Chain. Personally, I feel that dedust has a stronger official background in Ton.

4/ @bemo_finance

A staking platform on Ton that has passed Certik's audit. Until October 2024, anyone who stakes will receive different levels of airdrop rewards. The recent airdrop was on April 10th. The gameplay is simple: stake Ton to get stTon, which can be staked again or sold directly. As long as you participate in staking, you can receive airdrop points. (This can be combined with the following evaa for a nested gameplay)


A lending protocol on Ton, also with airdrops. Anyone who participates in lending will receive $EVAA points. There are four products: two stablecoin lending pools and one TON lending pool. Recently, they added @bemo_finance's stTON. This project participated in @DoraHacks last year and made it to the finals. The developers have a strong background, and the testnet has been running for almost half a year. The product is very user-friendly, but the volume is really small. It's the underdog even on this small Ton Chain.

6/ @TonRaffles

A meme and dog-themed launcher on Ton. Although it also has swap and stake functions, the most used feature is the Launchpad. Keep an eye on the 10u War God.


Another Liquid Staking protocol, similar to @tonstakers and @bemo_finance, but with a smaller scale. Participating may also result in airdrops, but there aren't many other highlights.

I can't be lazy recently. April is crucial. Please supervise me and keep me motivated!!!!

Ton Ecosystem Map#


I'll continue trading Fish since I'm not interested in the rest. April is going to be a crazy coding rush.

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