There’s a million things I haven’t done。

4.10 Caught the rebound

A few days ago, I experienced a rebound, rising back to around 2400 from 1800. Now the assets are 17222.36.
Well, don't touch coins without market trends. Tomorrow, I will conduct a coin selection research.

This is the purchasing route for Fish this time, basically all trapped. Why is that?

  1. Afraid of missing out, because the rise is basically explosive, and it did turn out to be explosive.
  2. The stupid Fish has been bragging, with positive news on Twitter every day, feeling that the value of over 40 million is not quite matching the status of the dragon on the Ton chain.

I have summarized the reasons for losing over 300 dollars this time,

  1. It is a mistake to charge up with positive signals, because positive information != upward signal. And positive information like "You will know how awesome I am in seven days" with no information content should not be blindly followed. Positive news, especially foretold positive news, cannot represent the future trend of its K-line for the next few days,
  2. The most important condition for judging whether a coin can be acquired is whether it is in a downward cycle, daily, weekly, 15-minute, 4-hour. When it is in a downward cycle, do not easily acquire it, because cycles generally have coherence.

Start selecting coins
When selecting coins, it is important to carefully select market trends,

  1. Ton Chain
    I feel that Ton Chain's current strategy is to first protect Ton, let Ton's coin price rise first, and then pull the earth dog.
    There is a big positive news on 4.19, always feel that Ton is lacking in heat. Don't know when it can catch fire.

2. CKB
A coin with impressive technology and quite a lot of consensus, currently at a high level. But its market value is very small, only $738K. Looked at it on Binance, $1,631.48M. Not planning to invest.

  1. Sol's Fish

  2. MAZZE


Following Z's advice, short Bitcoin, Martin Luther. Put in a thousand dollars.

Z is too awesome, feels like an epiphany.
Plate is essentially emotion.

Put in another thousand dollars, two thousand dollars invested.
In the coin circle, if it doesn't rise, it falls.

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