There’s a million things I haven’t done。

4.12 Recent Decisions and Reflections

A few days ago, I shorted Bitcoin with low leverage, 3X short. A few days ago, I heard Z talking about Bitcoin needing a correction, so I started shorting. Just as I shorted, there was a sharp drop, so I added another 1000 to short. Let's talk about a rally starting.

Now it's a bull market, and shorting for the long term is very risky. The problem with BTC now is that it has not broken through the 70000 mark, it has been oscillating, encountering resistance at the breakthrough point. Generally speaking, based on the current news, if the US has not decided on interest rate hikes, big capital won't enter Bitcoin. But it's still rising.

Z previously said to pay attention to emotions when watching the market, I think that's right. Once you focus on the market, you can feel an emotion, either greed or panic, and this emotion will erode your rationality and judgment.

I cleared half of my position because I was doing contract Martin Luther. Due to the previous big drop, I had already put all my position in, so I cleared it to get some funds to try something else.

To be honest, I haven't made money on CEX. The Bitcoin market is so damn weird, because it has enough value support, so someone will immediately support a big drop. People on social media keep saying BTC is being washed out, but I haven't seen it in the past few days. I can't even comfort myself, but actually, I'm not losing much now.

Zheng previously said that everyone has their own strengths. To be honest, I haven't made money on CEX. I think my strengths should be in the blockchain, information sources, and being a scientist. Also, trading? Trading is a bit mystical, requiring market watching, experience, luck, and intuition. I have a background in computer science, so I can pick up these things quickly.

I went all in on the Ton chain, I made money on Ton. CCC is half dead, with too little growth, Shen changes his mind every day, no faith, can't get things done. Ton is airdropping tokens, it's still fun to get into the chain. I bet Ton will have more airdrops, let's take advantage of it.

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