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Analysis and Strategy for the Next Round of TON Ecosystem NFT Airdrops

First, let's review the recently concluded meme trading airdrop. Personally, as an LP and staker, I only received 50 TON, which I also feel is not quite reasonable. But that's how airdrops work, what's done is done, and we can only look forward. Since the foundation has its own "special" gameplay, it is necessary to come up with a strategy for the upcoming NFT trading airdrops:

  1. Based on the first trading airdrop and the first meme token trading airdrop, we can see that the TON Foundation refers to officially selected or screened assets when distributing airdrops. Therefore, in the upcoming NFT airdrops, we still only need to prioritize trading these types of NFTs. For example, NOT and TG Usernames, as well as the Fish Box (ton fish box) and Lost Dogs.

  2. Why NOT Usernames and Fish Box? First of all, NOT, Usernames, and the Fish Box are all certified NFTs that meet the foundation's selection criteria. NOT, as the favorite child and the NFT with the largest trading volume on the TON chain, is the safest option in terms of both official attention and "mixing coins." Usernames, on the other hand, have the advantage of relatively low cost, but it is relatively difficult to sell once purchased, similar to the logic of ENS. As for the Fish Box, the cost is slightly higher, but it has been the target of the foundation's airdrops in the past two times, and it has better liquidity compared to Usernames, making it more tradable. Lost Dogs may not have as high certainty as the previous three projects, and it may be difficult to achieve high trading volumes. However, the advantage is that it has low cost and decent liquidity.

  3. Avoid frequent buying and selling of low-priced NFTs, as there is a witch risk. Keep one or two NFTs with a floor price of over 5 TON in your wallet without moving them.

  4. You can selectively purchase relatively cheap blue checkmark certified NFTs like Lost Dogs to achieve differentiation at minimal cost.

  5. Let's consider the cost-profit ratio using NOT NFT as an example. Currently, NOT is priced at around 13 TON per card/10M. Let's say we buy two cards, even if the chip drops 50% in the worst-case scenario when NOT goes online for airdrops, we would still have around 13 TON and sufficient liquidity to sell. However, the lowest tier of the foundation's airdrop is 50 TON...

Let's start with TON's airdrops, which are quite generous.
The first airdrop was for all traders, the second was for meme, and the third is clearly for NFT.
Let's first learn how to trade NFTs.
TON is doing well today, but it should drop tonight because I don't know if the stock market will crash the cryptocurrency market. I don't know why it's still rising, so it's time to take profits.

1. How to trade TON NFTs?#

You can trade them through Getgems.

2. How to sell TON NFTs?#

NFTs have creator royalties, usually around 4/20, which is 20%. This means that for every transaction, you need to pay the creator 20% of the profit, resulting in a 20% loss for you. So, you need to choose good NFTs to sell. For example, NOT is a loss from the beginning.

3. What are the rules for airdrops?#

Let's first look at the first two airdrops.
Meme Airdrop:

  1. Trading Volume Details:
  • $2,700: 0 points
  • $2,700-$4,999: 1 point
  • $5,000-$9,999: 2 points
  • $10,000-$24,999: 3 points
  • $24,999: 4 points
  1. Number of Trades:
  • 11 swaps: 0 points
  • 11-15 swaps: 1 point
  • 16-20 swaps: 2 points
  • 21-35 swaps: 3 points
  • 35 swaps: 4 points
  1. Number of Tokens Traded:
  • 3: 0 points
  • 3: 1 point
  • 4: 2 points
  • 5: 3 points
  • 5: 4 points
  1. Trading Balance:
  • $650: 0 points
  • $650-$1,199: 1 point
  • $1,200-$2,999: 2 points
  • $3,000-$7,999: 3 points
  • $7,999: 4 points

Final Rewards:

  • Scores of 5-7: 50 TON per wallet
  • Scores 8-10: 70 TON per wallet
  • Scores 11-16: 90 TON per wallet

First Trader Airdrop:
Trading Volume:

  • <$2,700: 0 points
  • $2,700-$4,999: 1 point
  • $5,000-$9,999: 2 points
  • $10,000-$24,999: 3 points
  • $24,999: 4 points

Number of Trades:

  • <10 swaps: 0 points
  • 10-19 swaps: 1 point
  • 20-49 swaps: 2 points
  • 50-99 swaps: 3 points
  • 100+ swaps: 4 points


  • Score of 3: 50 TON per wallet
  • Scores 4-5: 70 TON per wallet
  • Scores 6-8: 100 TON per wallet

(High Probability: Number of Trades: 10, 15, 20, 35; Trading Volume: $2,700, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000; Number of Tokens Traded: 3, 4, 5)
(Low Probability: Trading Balance)

4. When are the airdrops?#

Snapshot on 3/26, airdrop on 3/28, Thursday
Snapshot on 4/10, airdrop on 4/10, Wednesday
Approximately every two weeks
Next airdrop on 4/24

5. Is it profitable to trade NFTs?#

NFTs are illiquid assets. They are traded asynchronously, so it is difficult to continuously make money without constantly investing. Therefore, the simplest way to get the airdrop is to buy a large number of low-priced NFTs. However, poor liquidity means it is difficult to sell them. I can only get the airdrop if I hold a large number of NFTs. But in doing so, I sacrifice liquidity.

Is it possible to use multiple accounts? Selling NFTs incurs a 20% royalty fee and a 5% service fee. So, if you want liquidity, you need to sacrifice 25% of your money.

Buying a large number of low-priced NFTs is a suitable trading strategy. Buy 50 NFTs at the lowest price and different types of NFTs. This will cost around 50 TON, which will likely qualify for the lowest tier of the airdrop, which is 50 TON, meaning you won't lose or gain, but it's not guaranteed.

Therefore, there is still a lot of uncertainty.

Different NFTs have different creator royalties. For example, Dog's royalty is around 1%. I bought it for 1.4 TON and sold it for around 1.19 TON, which means I burned about 0.21 TON, roughly $1. So, theoretically, if Lost Dog is available, with $70, you can earn around $300.

6. Should I create multiple accounts to trade NFTs?#

The liquidity is too poor. You can only make a profit if it rises by more than 25%. I believe it will drop by 25%. Moreover, you need to beware of witches, and you need a significant initial capital, which increases the risk of losses.

7. Trading airdrops with a single account.#

Invest around 70 TON and get the airdrop.

8. Let's create three accounts. With my capital, I can manage three accounts to get the airdrop. I don't know if bidding counts as an offer.#

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