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4.16 NFT Transactions

Last night probably interacted a bit
The trading volume is definitely not enough for the airdrop, but the number and frequency of trades should be sufficient.
Now the problem is how to ship the goods. Get the goods out.
The airdrop trading volume is probably $2700, which is 2700/6=430T approximately.
Opened two accounts, and the number and types of trades should meet the requirements. The trading volume and balance may not be enough, try to push it to the top level as much as possible, this is the only way to possibly get 70TON, probably 35 swaps+, 5 kinds+.

Got two airdrops, but they are not worth much.
The current funding should be enough to handle four accounts at once, then trade for arbitrage, use these four accounts as the main funds to create three more accounts, there should be no problem.
If all seven accounts get the airdrop, it will be 350Ton, approximately +2,275 dollars, which means the main income will reach 4000 dollars, which is about thirty thousand.
The following uncertainties exist now:

  1. Will I be banned by the witch?
    • Being banned is a loss.
  2. Did I guess the airdrop criteria correctly?
    • If the airdrop criteria are guessed wrong, it will result in a loss.
  3. Did I guess the airdrop list correctly?
    • If lost dog is not included, it will result in a loss, because my main sales are in lost dog.


  • Do not concentrate purchases, spread out the battle lines;
  • Do not just focus on lost dog, see if you can differentiate with single accounts;
  • Buy 6+ community-certified tokens;
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