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4.2 Fish hard eats decline

The Fish coin feels a bit dry, no one is touching it.
0% trading fee in five minutes, can you believe it?
The Fish project team is too honest, not manipulating the market. Letting retail investors manipulate the market, it doesn't look like a 43 million capital market at all.
The Ton project team is also incredible, distributing money without allowing market manipulation. Fish has made bold claims, saying they want to create a 1 billion MEME coin. But now it's only 50 million.
I think he has some plans, not just my guess. He definitely has plans.


OKOK, I know posting this might seem a bit silly, but it's part of being a KOL.
You still need to have some impact.
And I did invest in $Fish.

The current issue with Fish is that there is too little new capital. They can't get new funds to achieve their goals.
So you can see the strategy they are using, funding KOLs to promote.
Funding market manipulation is not allowed by the Ton Foundation, their narrative is against projects faking traffic, using money to manipulate the market is a bit fake. But big financial players don't charge ahead relying on retail investors? Retail investors who dare to charge ahead have already been wiped out.

KOLs are a method to introduce new funds, but if you don't manipulate the market, how can newbies make money and charge ahead? They can charge ahead, waiting for opportunities at low levels.

Let's see what other tricks they have 😘

Lost $400 in the past two days?
Mainly because of the large amount of capital, many times you don't want to sell because selling and buying again would result in losses. And there are too few people trading Fish now.
There's really no need to watch the market, it's better to watch Bitcoin, especially now that Bitcoin has had a major correction.
And because of the low trading volume, the price fluctuations are also very small. It drops a lot with one trade, then rises a lot with one trade. Can't do short-term trading, no need for that either.


Wait for it.
Maybe there will be a KOL airdrop.

Damn, it keeps dropping, is there no end to the drop?
Forget it, forget it. I'll check back on the 5th. Stop staring at the screen, what's the point.
Time to start coding.

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