There’s a million things I haven’t done。

4.28 Two Pairs

I've been coding these days and then made a demo, preparing to enter the Telegram blockchain game.
I haven't been trading much lately, just haven't found a good opportunity.
Today I want to trade smart money because there are actually great trading opportunities with smart money followers.
I looked for a while for a smart money quantitative trading platform.
This quantitative trading platform has a custody mechanism, um, I dare not custody money there. So I plan to, monitor Bot + manual trading. Caution is always the key, it's always like this.
See if I can make some money. Recently, it's been quite busy, Ton chain opportunities don't seem to be many, actually can go do some Web2 stuff to make money.
After all, it's relatively easier to make money with Web3. Will research it in the coming days.
And when it comes to investment, smart money investment is the way to go, smart money investment can make some money.

Don't know when the results of the Blue Bridge Cup will be out, hope to make it to the national competition.

Used this website, really tough.
Came in with two wins right away, then -200 dollars.
Sigh, this was originally a good idea, now let the on-chain scams mess it all up.
I clearly understand the risks involved in rushing into Dogecoin, these contracts are really tricky to play with.

Understood a few things.

  1. There are many scammers on the chain, each with their own way of playing, remember not to bet heavily on Dogecoin.
  2. Investment requires attention, monitoring, personal decision-making, if laziness can make money, it must be luck.
  3. To achieve stable appreciation, the smart money approach is fine, but investment decisions should be made personally, diversify and add chips.

If you want to run a new trading model, start with low chips to test and learn.#

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