There’s a million things I haven’t done。

4.30 Fear of Missing Out

Last night, I rushed to a copycat project in the middle of the night, ETHXY.
I found that whether it was rushing into the Ton airdrop or other projects, I was actually using a large amount of funds to experiment. This is very scary because during the bear market in the cryptocurrency circle, 90% of people lose money.
When conducting experiments and looking for ways to make money, never use a large amount of funds to experiment, but instead start with a small amount of capital.
Teacher Zhuzhu mentioned in class, when the daily trading volume of a copycat coin approaches half or more of its circulating market value, it is close to its peak in the short term.


This is how ETHXY is. But my position is based on the white line. I am still a scalper because the game will be launched on May 2nd.
There is still hope for blockchain games.

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