There’s a million things I haven’t done。

4.8 Big Failure

I suffered a big loss, a big failure in trading coins.
From 20000 to 12000, lost a thousand dollars. Most of the profits from CCC have been eaten up.
Fish is really a fool, so am I.
Experience from failed coin trading

  1. Never buy coins on a downtrend track, because there is no room for profit in the spot downtrend, you can't make money.
  2. Buy coins on an uptrend track, keep an eye on it, take profits in time.
  3. If you must buy coins on a downtrend track, don't get involved until the exact good news comes out.
    Because all project teams are fools, don't believe what they say good news forecast.

I don't know.
But I'm emotional, I'm not right now. Because my Fomo emotion is very serious.
Although I'm a bit short of money now, and a bit regretful that I didn't cash out before.
But it's okay, I'm not that short of money, I can delay my credit card payment, and this month's salary should be coming soon.
So, I'm going to Fish. Go all in, wait until the 20th. Before that, focus on working on projects.

Do weekly trading. I might miss a lot, BTC ecosystem, ETH rebound, and some other bullish projects, even $CCC. But it's okay.
The hardest thing to go all in on is time.

After all, Fish is still the leading meme on the Ton chain, at least I don't think I will lose everything, stop loss at 0.5.

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